Neuer & Hummels

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Manuel Neuer + quotes

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Neummels drabble #2 (PG-13/T)


Mats is lounging on the sofa, sprawled right in front of the electric fan, book long forgotten since the unbearable heat is making sweat drops to roll into his eyes and it stings too much - besides, the book wasn’t worth the pain.

And it’s too hot to do anything else so he just tries to find a cool spot on the sofa and stay there until summer is over, ugh.

To make matters worse, he’s horny as hell but the idea of rising his own body temperature masturbating is enough to make him groan in dissatisfaction.

"What’s wrong?" Manu is a celestial apparition, all glowingly wet skin after a quick shower, all strong muscles and symmetrical features.

Mats’ next groan is not one of displeasure - he licks his lips deliberately, a familiar and all-consuming pressure starting in his groin and spreading everywhere else.

Manu arches an eyebrow, amused at the lusty half-lidded eyes that are eating him up from the other side of the room.

"Nothing’s wrong. Come here." Manu complies, losing the towel around his waist somewhere along the way. "Sit here." He offers half of the sofa, fan whirling softly.

"Now what?"

Mats takes a total amount of two miliseconds plastering himself right against Manu’s glistering chest, he can feel the humid warm skin of his lover and his greedy mouth is already requesting a kiss.

It is too hot - but goddammit, Manu is hotter, so much that Mats rathers give himself a heat stroke while Manu strokes something else than to be all grumpy about the weather.

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GQ Germany releases eleven covers

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Nichts gegen Roman, aber Manu ist für mich der beste Torwart der Welt! Mats Hummels (via manuel-neuer-passion)
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Abfahrt nach Recife (24.6.)


Abfahrt nach Recife (24.6.)

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Deutschland vs Argentinien . 13.07.13

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Neummels drabble #1 (M/NC-17?)


Slight D/s dynamics cw

Mats twists himself into all the possible directions, wrists and ankles tied to the bedposts. Manu chuckles lowly and sultry and puts more pressure into Mats’ thighs.

"Does it feel good?"

There’s no way Mats can articulate a coherent answer, instead he nods desperately and begs with glassy eyes for Manu to just fuck him already, his too hard dick can’t handle it anymore.

"Please, please, please." He babbles at the verge of tears, buckling his hips into thin air getting no friction and no release.

"Mmm, I don’t think so." And Manu’s hands pin him down holding his hips in an almost viciously bruising grip. "Let’s see if you can come with only my fingers inside you." He offers merrily, smirk wicked and oh so sexy it should be illegal.

Mats whines low in his throat and shakes his head from side to side, mouth going slack in a silent scream when two lubed digits assault him with no warning whatsoever. Manu grins and, in a tiny act of mercy, kisses and licks his neck and clavicle.

"Please, please, please." Three glorious fingers now and Manu is driving him insane with want and need and animalistic desire. His cock twitches, red and needy. "Please Manu please just fuck me just please please make me come please…" In any other moment he’d be ashamed of himself, but right now? With four talented fingers rubbing him in all the right places and a hot tongue playing with all the skin it can reach, no one can ask more of him than to simply beg for release.

"Then just come." It’s an order whispered against his sweaty chest and the four fingers work him relentlessly, his other hand innocently brushing so close to his cock that he in fact does come without being touched and with only Manu’s fingers inside of him.

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